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Angel - 1x06 - Sense and Sensitvity

Synopsis: Kate's precinct is under a spell that makes them overly sensitive (and strangely psychoanalytical). Will Angel be able to save the day? Well, yes, of course he will, but he will do it while sharing his feelings.

Review: Spoiler Warning! Don't read this review if you haven't seen the episode.

This episode seems to rely more on humor than drama for its entertainment value, which really is not a bad thing with a show like Angel. I loved Angel's undercover Hawaiian shirt disguise, and the sensitivity trainer's "speaking to five year olds" demeanor. Kate's awkward speech about the problems with her and her father's relationship also got a few laughs out of me.

However, the overly sensitive cops routine got old fairly quickly, and overly sensitive Angel was just too much. The joke had gotten boring by then. Also, towards the end, the sensitivity spell seemed to turn into an effeminate psychologist spell with Angel and Kate annoyingly spouting off cliche phrases about subconscious hostility and whatnot.

Besides the occasional humor, this episode's saving grace was the development of Kate's character. Her rocky relationship with her father is revealed, albeit in a very strange and awkward way, and we see a glimpse of her feelings for Angel. I like that we are getting to know her a little better, but I must say I hope Angel does not return these feelings. He is much more interesting when not attached to a girl. Still, it was an entertaining episode and managed to stay away from the "creature of the week" syndrome that much of this season suffers from. I give it a 6 out of 10.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matt Pickle)

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