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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 4x08 - Pangs

Synopsis: Angel even joins the gang for the Buffy Thanksgiving special.

Review: It is hard to objectively review this episode after watching its companion Angel episode. The Angel episode, I Will Remember You, that aired the same night as Pangs is the all-time greatest Angel episode and possibly the all-time greatest episode in the Buffyverse. Angel's presence in this episode serves no purpose other than to set up the following Angel episode.

On its own, this is a fun episode to watch that addresses some serious issues involving Native Americans and horrible grievances that were committed against them. I can imagine that the night these two episodes premiered was one of the most action-packed nights of television ever.

As of the previous episode, Spike is now a regular character. Spike was originally meant to be a vampire with a Texas accent that appeared and died in season two's School Hard. The producers recognized his potential, had James Marsters use a British accent (which he learned from Anthony Stewart Head, the actor who plays Giles), and kept him on as the bad guy in season two. With Cordelia, Angel, and Oz all gone, Spike, a fan favorite, is back to stay, but this time he is on the good guy's side. It is important to note that Spike himself is not a good guy. He is a non-bad guy. Some of the funniest television characters such as Dr. Smith on Lost in Space have been non-bad guys.

The best part of the episode is seeing the entire Scooby gang together. Most of the characters have been poorly developed this season and given nothing to do. One of the reasons Angel has been a better series this season is because Angel and gang formed a private detective agency that gave the series characters purpose. Without the Council, characters like Giles have no purpose. Of course, the producers could easily change this by having Giles form his own demon hunting agency. He has got the know-how. Pangs is worth watching for seeing Spike full of arrows and laughing at his witty dialogue. I rate this mediocre effort 5 out of 10.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matthew Miller)

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I like it, but mostly just because of Spike.

Where was Buffy's mom during all this? She wasn't even mentioned. Her house couldn't be more than a few minutes from the campus, yet the kids keep acting like they've severed all ties with family.

I agree that Angel didn't seem to have any purpose for being in the episode. Oh well.

Yet another painfully ridiculous thematic villian...

I've been wondering what the whole "Xander got diseases from a Chumash tribe" references were about in later seasons. Gotta love syphilis humor.
--Matt Pickle (Agrees: yes)