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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 4x09 - Something Blue

Synopsis: Giles goes blind, every demon in Sunnydale is after Xander, and Buffy and Spike are getting married...wasn't something supposed to be blue?

Review: Right as I thought season four was starting to get out of its slump, we get this stinker. Fortunately, this episode was a stinker, because it was just bad. It had nothing too do with the series not having its footing since placing the characters in college. That's a good thing, right? The series actually seems to finally be finding its footing.

Something Blue was penned by Tracey Forbes who also penned the notoriously awful Beer Bad, which is considered the worst episode of Buffy ever. She makes Marti Noxon look like a gem. She only wrote one other episode for Buffy, and it also was a season four episode. I have not watched that far yet, but I read the synopsis for it, and just the synopsis sounds awful. I cannot believe it took three episodes for Joss Whedon to get rid of her. I was wondering how someone like this even gets a job in Hollywood. Then I remembered: it is Hollywood.

As a writer, this is one of those stories I can see myself sitting around brainstorming and coming up with thinking, think of all the funny things I can do with this. But when I actually tried to sketch out a coherent plot, I would realize, there is no way to make this concept work. It is not worth a few cheap laughs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the mopey-est series I have ever watched. This episode takes it to the extreme. Dating in high school and college is nothing more than a game. Get over it. Willow's friends are not the only ones ready for her to get over it. As a viewer, I am ready for her to get over it. This episode was a mishmash of relationships: it looks like Xander and Anya are officially dating and Buffy and Riley are definitely headed that direction (Buffy and Spike were engaged temporarily). Buffy has been described as Dawson's Creek with vampires, but this episode took that description a little too literally.

Is a love spell also a dumb spell? Buffy and Spike were not just acting madly in love. They were acting like second graders madly in love. Willow turns Xander into a demon magnet, and when the spell is broken, the demons disappear leaving a plot hole the size of Texas. He was not making demons materialize; he was simply attracting them. Having them simply disappear cheapened the climax greatly. Anya's former employer served absolutely no purpose in this episode except to bog it down.

The characterization of Willow in this episode is going down a road I do not like. I have never liked Willow as a witch. It is not something she should be messing around with. No, I do not think she should not be messing around with it because of silly mistakes like she made in this episode. Most of the time we have seen her go to witchcraft is when she is hurt and wants to try and fix the hurt. That is not how life works. You cannot and should not use witchcraft for that purpose. The other characters in the show seem to know that, but no one is brave enough to tell Willow off. Spike's transformation to good or at least non-bad continues. The ongoing joke comparing his transformation to sexual impotence continues with Buffy actually calling him flaccid.

Why did I even give this episode a 1 out of 10 rather than a 0 like Forbes' last outing, Beer Bad? I found a few speckles of good: (1) It was a delight to see Buffy simply on "patrol" once again. (2) When Buffy asks Giles to give her away at her wedding, she demonstrates how much he means to her despite being under a spell. (3) Amy's transformation back-to-a-human/back-to-a-rat made me laugh. That's all. I cannot think of anything else good to say about this episode.

Objectionable Content: Willow gets drunk to drown out her sorrows--not much different from how she tries to use magic to drown out her sorrows. Maybe there was supposed to be a connection.

Rating: 1 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matthew Miller)

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I love this episode. Yeah, it's one of the goofier, non-essential ones, but I found it hilarious(especially Amy's three second cameo). And I definitely think Willow is justified in being mopey. She was in a very serious relationship with Oz for a year or so. Then he cheated on her, murdered someone, and left for good all in the space of like a day and a half. I'd be pretty mopey, too.
--Matt Pickle (Agrees: no)

Because the episode foreshadows two plot arcs for Season Six, and I have a sense of humor and Mr. Miller doesn't.
--Rosie Powell (Agrees: no)