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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 4x18 - Where the Wild Things Are

Synopsis: Xander and Anya save the world from Giles' karaoke while Buffy and Riley are busy having sex.

Review: Not content with just writing the worst episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tracey Forbes gives us Where the Wild Things Are making herself the writer who wrote the two worst episodes of Buffy. My recommendation: Do not watch this episode. Avoid it like the Black Plague. If you have already watched it, have Will Smith use the flashy thing from Men in Black on you. Personally, I am looking into having the doctor from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind erase my memory of this episode.

The Forbes effort Beer Bad mucked up the theme by making it otherworldly. The Forbes effort Something Blue was a poor episode because it had a flawed concept. Where the Wild Things Are suffers from both. A study of human vice (take your pick of sex or repressing youthful sexual expression) is no longer a study of human vice when it is being caused by magic. The theme of this episode did not even have a chance because the concept was flawed. A ghost that is not really a ghost? Weird things happen the entire episode but a discernible pattern never arises. The concept is just stupid.

Junior high level jokes. No plot to speak of. A disappointing misuse of character. Anya's character is overflowing with interesting possibilities, but she was utterly uninteresting in this episode. This whole season should be indicted for opting to use Anya for sex jokes rather than explore the possibilities of her character. Witchcraft deus ex machina. "All we have to do to resolve this episode is cast a spell." I hope this episode's misuse of witchcraft has not begun a trend in Buffy. I am trying desperately to forget this pitiful 0 out of 10 episode.

Objectionable Content: Anya candidly discusses things like erectile dysfunction and Xander's penis. Approximately thirty minutes (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but not much) of the running time of this episode are shots of Riley and Buffy having sex.

Spiritual Content: In my creative analysis of this episode, I recommended that viewers skip this episode on a critical basis. I also recommend that Christians skip this episode on a religious basis. One of the commandos under supernatural influence spouts something about salvation in the cross of our Lord and Savior. A severely misguided woman forced legalism upon children under the guise of Christianity.

There are misguided people who do horrible things in the name of Christianity. I am not one of those reviewers that hates a movie or television episode that portrays such a person and accuses Hollywood of mocking Christians. I have noted before that most of the supernatural elements of Buffy are fictional. The evil in the frat house was demonic--not something Tara, Willow, and Giles should have been messing around with through witchcraft.

Rating: 0 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matthew Miller)

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The premise of this episode didn't even make sense. If evil ghosts were created every time someone felt repressed, there would be millions of demon children running around all over the place.

I also agree that they underuse Anya this season. Don't worry, though, she gets much more interesting later on.
--Matt Pickle (Agrees: yes)