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La Femme Nikita - 1x03 - Simone

Synopsis: Can Nikita stop the blinking dots before they hit each other?

Review: Michael's reveal that he was/is married was right at an act break. Peta Wilson's great facial expressions (I can't mention enough how much I love her facial expressions) right before it fades to black shows she is just as surprised as us. I did not find the plot about Michael's wife that interesting, but I really liked the geeky-villains-crashing-planes plot.

Alright, the geeky villains were comic book bad guys. But I like comic book bad guys. The ringleader in top hat jumping over couches and directing classical music with his hands as he wreaked havoc on the world was a delight to watch. You pluck a hair out for the DNA scanner to enter his lair. While cool, totally ineffective. We've seen on countless movies spies cutting off fingers for fingerprint scanners and popping out eyeballs for iris scanners. To circumvent security here, you just have to pluck out one of the villain's hairs. Maybe the villain is smarter than we give him credit for, and he was watching out for his fingers and eyeballs. He asked Nikita, “Why aren't you afraid?” and Nikita answered, “Who says that I'm not?” but never blinks an eye as he approaches her menacingly. She hits on an important fact here: being fearless isn't near as important as being able to overcome your fear.

I don't think we learned near as much about Michael's character as intended by the reveal that he was married. It was mostly just distracting. Everyone already wants Michael and Nikita to get together, and a wife would just complicate matters. We dig considerably deep into Nikita's character and how perceptive and caring she is. Our friend the extreme close-up returns as Nikita, coffee mug in hand and legs crossed, sits across the desk from Michael having a heart-to-heart. "You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel." If she keeps that up, Nikita can apply for Section counselor if the position ever opens up. Whereas in the last episode, Michael cared for Nikita, in this episode, Nikita is caring for Michael.

The occasional scene with Nikita's non-Section neighbor Carla adds variety to the series. She notices Nikita's "Josephine" phone calls in this episode but doesn't pry beyond what Nikita is willing to share. Birkoff's 1997 definition of IRC was funny. The chase scene in the "geek hangout" used way too many filters that come in a $100 home video editing suite and almost induced motion sickness. Nikita's low budget shone through in this episode, but they creatively overcame it by showing us the radar screen to depict what was happening with the planes. While Simone was a fun episode, the fun does not merit more than a 5 out of 10.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matthew Miller)

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