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Moonlight - 1x01 - No Such Thing as Vampires

Synopsis: Mick St. John teaches us that vampires can't be killed with stakes, and they aren't allergic to holy water and garlic, but they do have perfect hair.

Review: Meet Mick St. John, PI. He's not a vampire with a soul, but he is a vampire with morals. Evidently most vampires think they're old fashioned. Logan Echolls...I mean, Josef Konstantin...remarks that he knows Mick has his "morals and scruples," but they don't seem to be important to Josef. Vampires (like all good monster tales except for the occasional slasher) are metaphors. Over their long literary history, vampires have been metaphors for a lot of different things. Not being able to select just one, Moonlight decided to throw in the whole kit and caboodle of traditional vampiric metaphors.

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