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The Sarah Jane Adventures - 1x02 - Revenge of the Slitheen (2)

Synopsis: If the Slitheen have their way, it's school's out forever!

Review: The second part picks up right where the first part leaves off. It is literally like one long episode cut in half. In the first part, I was reviewing the cliffhanger, and, in the second part, I am reviewing the climax. I might be making a connection that was never intended, but Clyde's call to "run" seems to tie into a long-running Doctor Who joke about this one-word line.

Mr. Smith gave an explanation to an issue that has been bothering me since the first episode. How a giant capacitor could extenguish flames. The explanation just didn't seem plausible. I know it's sci-fi and a children's show, but they are the ones who rooted it in real science by calling it a capacitor. I would have had no problems with it if it was a fantastical alien technology.

This episode surprisingly introduced themes that were not present (or only nascent) in the first episode. All three of the main children characters come from single-parent homes. The importance of a child's relationship with their parents is emphasized especially in Luke's longing for a mother figure in Sarah Jane. The Slitheen disable both the sonic lipstick and Mr. Smith. Ultimately, Sarah Jane and crew must save the world with human ingenuity.

Like the cliffhanger, the climax was nothing incredibly imaginative. There was nothing in this episode to make me bump it up higher than the 5 out of 10 rating I gave the first episode.

Objectionable Content: The alien body count at the end of the episode was at least three. Yes, they want us to think the child Slitheen died as well, but I think the effect looked more like the beam-out effect used for the aliens who escaped. Maybe we'll be seeing him again. Violence and death is usually excused in cartoons and children's shows when those being killed have no human resemblance such as the aliens in this episode, but one of the aliens was killed while still in human form, which may be disturbing for younger children. This episode also features gross-out humor such as farting plus slime from exploding Slitheen.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Reviewed by: Matthew Miller)

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